The PRISMA Responsible R&I Toolkit

This toolkit is for you, if you work in a small or medium-sized company that aspires to develop innovative products and services with which genuine societal needs are addressed and a contribution is made to both environmental and economic sustainability.

The PRISMA Responsible, Research and Innovation Toolkit helps you to:

  • Align your research and innovation processes to societal needs and challenges, taking your organisations’ mission, vision and values as starting points;
  • come up with research and innovations that are responsive and even proactively confront society’s needs – both today’s as well as those we can imagine to arise in the future;
  • increase your market potential, reputation, and operational efficiency simultaneously.
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RRI Tool: Techno-Moral Vignettes

Exploring Moral Aspects of Future Technologies. Tool developed by Rathenau Instituut (NL).

January 4, 2018

RRI Tool: Synthetic Biology Deliberation Aid

Helps you by scrutinising the potential applications of synthetic biology, identifying a broad range of risks, opportunities and perspectives. Tool developed by Forum for the Future.

RRI Tool: Licara NanoScan

Integrating risk assessment and life-cycle analysis for nanomaterials

October 23, 2017

RRI Tool: Trusted Environment

A way to share knowledge about safety

RRI Tool: Safe Innovation Approach

Structuring the innovation process while balancing economic and non-economic criteria

RRI Tool: Stage-Gate Model ®

Structuring the innovation process while balancing economic and non-economic criteria

RRI Tool: Stakeholder Maps

Rethinking your strategy for stakeholder engagement

RRI Tool: Gender Equality Toolkit

The gender strategy tool kit

RRI Tool: Designing for Values

Designing for Values

RRI Tool: Embedded Ethicist

Your own in-house ethical reflection practioner

RRI Tool: Sustainability Method Selection Tool

Helping you choose a suitable sustainability assessment method

RRI Tool: B-Impact

B-Corps’ social and environmental impact benchmarking

RRI Tool: KARIM Assessment Matrix

A Responsible Innovation Quick-Scan

RRI Tool: Matter Principles of Responsible Innovation

Find out what it means to be a responsible innovator

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