PRISMA: Piloting Responsible Research & Innovation in Industry

The PRISMA project has conducted pilot studies with 8 companies in order to help them to better integrate Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) in their innovation process and business practices. These pilots have provided case studies and good practices on RRI.

The PRISMA Toolkit for Responsible Research & Innovation

The PRISMA Project has delivered a toolkit for small or medium-sized companies that aspire to develop innovative products and services with which genuine societal needs are addressed and a contribution is made to both environmental and economic sustainability.

PRISMA Pilot Results: Cases & Best Practices

The goal of the PRISMA-project was to draw specific lessons about how RRI can be implemented in industry, ranging  from small enterprises to large corporations to consortia with universities. To this end, the  project included cooperation with 8 different companies in the field of  automated cars, internet technology, drones, biotechnology, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology.

Status of this website

The PRISMA project ran from 2016-2019, so this website is no longer maintained.
However, we keep it online because the info may still be useful to you.

Welcome to the PRISMA Project!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 710059.


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Innovation Meets Sustainability & Responsibility

Final PRISMA Conference, Brussels, 27 June 2019

PRISMA developed a road map/methodology  to integrate values, societal impact, safety, sustainability and trust in the innovation policies of companies. The structured methodology is the result  of eight pilots in companies that are all active in upcoming  technologies (nanotechnologies, synthetic biology, Internet of things, and autonomous vehicles). The methodology  – and a number of examples-  were resented in this final event of the PRISMA project.

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