RRI Tool: B-Impact

B-Corps’ social and environmental impact benchmarking

B-Impact assessment shows your performance against comparable data sets on non-economic areas. You can compare yourself on your overall social and environmental impact and on specific areas like for instance taking at hart end users’ interests, minimizing environmental impact, taking care of the well-being of your personnel and engaging stakeholders. As a socially and environmentally committed company, your goals go far beyond maximizing financial profits. B-Impact can help you with this, however it is more fitting for larger companies than small or medium-sized companies.

When to Use This Tool

When you would like to know your social and environmental impact compared to other companies.

How to Use This Tool

With this free benchmarking tool  you assess your company on five different impact areas: consumers, community, environment, workers and governance. You can compare your scores against scores of competitors.

Tool Categories

Areas of attention: Taking Care of People & Planet, Areas of attention: Thinking of the Future
Place of application: CSR, Place of application: Management
Purpose of tool: Inspiration & Guidance

Tool Developed By

Required Investment

  • 90 minutes.
  • You are encouraged to assess yourself yearly

Expertise Needed

Experise level required when you do it yourself:

  • Novice

External support:

  • No external support needed, you can do it yourself.

Expected Results

Information on your social and environmental impact that you can use to make an action plan to improve your performance.