RRI Tool: Techno-Moral Vignettes

Exploring Moral Aspects of Future Technologies

Techno-moral vignettes help you gain insight in possible future moral aspects of your biotechnology research by elaborating future scenario’s. The innovations on biotechnology you contribute to today, will make their impact on the world of tomorrow. From the past we know that often such innovative (disruptive) technologies have all sorts of unforeseen consequences. To anticipate and steer your innovations the use of these techno-moral vignettes can help you to explore possible unintended effects of your innovations.

When to Use This Tool

When you would like to explore with scenarios the possible unintended impacts of biotechnology innovations on society.

How to Use This Tool

Here you can find eighteen brief  scenarios, describing possible futures made possible through synthetic biology. You can use these as starting point for moral deliberation, aided by a small number of simple questions that can guide your conversations: what issues are raised in each vignette, and what changes have been effected through the technology at issue.

Tool Categories

Areas of attention: Taking Care of People & Planet, Areas of attention: Thinking of the Future
Place of application: Management, Place of application: Research
Purpose of tool: Inspiration & Guidance

Tool Developed By

Required Investment

4 hours

Expertise Needed

Expertise level required when you do it yourself:

  • Novice

External support:

  • Facilitator is needed to guide you through the whole process of self-assessment

Expected Results

  • Tangible understanding of (un)intended societal impacts when pursuing innovative technologies.
  • Providing moral issues that need to be reflected upon and opportunities to direct your innovation in a responsible way.