RRI Tool: Safe Innovation Approach

Structuring the innovation process while balancing economic and non-economic criteria

The Safe Innovation Approach (SIA) ensures that potential risks and safety aspects along the innovation process are addressed timely. When working with novel technologies like nanotechnology, it’s important to address potential safety issues right from the start. SIA encourages communication between regulators and innovators early in the product development process for an efficient innovation process delivering products complying to all relevant regulations. Based on the stage gate innovation model, the SIA integrates Safe by Design and Regulatory Preparedness in each stage of the model. Decisions to move to a next gate are made balancing the risks, costs and benefits. Originally designed for new nanotechnology-related initiatives, this approach can be applied to other innovations with novel technologies. This approach is available from February 2019.

When to Use This Tool

When you want to structure your innovation process balancing economic and non-economic criteria along the way and improve interaction between regulators & innovators.

How to Use This Tool

A clear step by step process balancing risks, benefits and costs consistent with the company-specific requirements.

Tool Categories

Areas of attention: Taking Care of People & Planet, Areas of attention: Thinking of the Future
Place of application: Management, Place of application: Research
Purpose of tool: Technical Advice

Tool Developed By

Required Investment

Large and potentially in balance with return on investment.

Expertise Needed

Expertise level required when you do it yourself:

  • Not applicable

External support:

  • Facilitator is needed to guide you through the whole process of self-assessment
  • Consultant can advise and help you with the implementation

Expected Results

  • Safer products that are launched faster to the market.
  • More efficient innovation process (time and costs reduction).
  • Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing between actors along the innovation process.