RRI Tool: RRI Consultancy

RRI Consultancy

An RRI consultant can help you figure out what you do well and where you can do even better in being a social responsible innovator. If necessary, (s)he can provide assistance or direct your attention to the requisite tools or experts. When working on technological innovations that potentially, transform the world we live in, your work will raise questions that transcends the technical world e.g. on legal, social, moral issues. Expert help on these areas can complement your technical expertise.

When to Use This Tool

You would like a RRI consultants view on your work and or assistance in how to work to become an even better social responsible innovator

How to Use This Tool

Depending on the RRI consultant. A few small consultancies are available now, namely:

Tool Categories

Place of application: Management, Place of application: Research
Purpose of tool: Technical Advice

Tool Developed By

Required Investment

Depending on what you want

Expertise Needed

Expertise level required when you do it yourself:

  • Not applicable

External support:

  • Consultant can advise and help you with the implementation

Expected Results

  • A comprehensive view on societal issues connected to your innovation.
  • Being able to deal with these societal issues in such a way that the resulting innovations are well aligned with societal needs, values and expectations.