Scientific Papers

Scientific papers as a result of the project


  • A total of 23 open access publications have been published, in the form of journal, conference articles.
  • A total of 4 more open access publications are under review.
  • An open access edited volume on ‘Responsible Research and Innovation Assessment Methods and Practices’ is published by the end of 2019 by Routledge as the publisher.

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Just released: Open Access Book: Assessment of Responsible Innovation: Methods and Practices

(editors: Emad Yaghmaei, Senior Researcher and Professor Ibo van de Poel).


This book has a strong focus on industry and SME’s. It presents tools for measuring, monitoring, and reporting upon the Responsible Innovation process and the social, environmental, scientific, and economic impacts of innovations. These tools will help innovators to mitigate risk and to strengthen their strategic planning. This book also aligns assessment tools and practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The prospects as well as the limitations of various Responsible Innovation assessment approaches and tools are discussed, as well as their applicability in various industry contexts.  

The book consists of three parts and seven best practices:

  • The first part presents some relevant reflections on responsible innovation, and sets the context for the topic.
  • The second part focusses specifically on responsible innov­ation in industry. This is a context in which assessment of responsible innov­ation is particularly important as many innovations originate in companies.
  • Part three discusses (new) approaches and methods for the assessment of responsible innovation.


    The best practices provide various perspectives of how we can assess responsible innovation within stakeholders from different sectors, i.e. government, academia, industry and civil society.

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