RRI Tool: Gendered Innovations in Research & Innovation

A website to start your actions

The gendered Innovations website gets you acquainted with and helps you kick-start your activities on gendered innovation. You will discover and get means to harness the creative power of sex and gender analysis for innovation and discovery. Considering gender may provide added value to your research and take innovations in new directions. Including gender as an discerning factor to take into account in your research will improve your innovations because they will address needs and perspectives better. This website provides a good starting point for your journey in the world of gendered innovations.

When to Use This Tool

When you want to explore what gendered innovation is about, how it might benefit your your own research and innovations and how you can practically apply it.

How to Use This Tool

This website provides methods, checklists, best practice cases and videos to use. Can be used for inspiration and guidance.

Tool Categories

Areas of attention: Taking Care of People & Planet, Areas of attention: Thinking of the Future
Place of application: Management, Place of application: Research
Purpose of tool: Inspiration & Guidance, Purpose of tool: Stakeholder Engagement

Tool Developed By

Required Investment

Depending on the use; overall small.

Expertise Needed

Expertise level required when you do it yourself:

  • Novice

External support:

  • No external support needed, you can do it yourself.

Expected Results

Improvements occur in:

  • Meeting customer needs
  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Reputation

All of which may effect market share.