RRI Tool: Stakeholder Maps

Rethinking your strategy for stakeholder engagement

The Stakeholder Map will help you visualize the stakeholders involved in your innovation process, organising them in terms of their level of active participation and their strategic importance. Stakeholders can play all sorts of roles during your innovation processes. From providing information on their needs and values to co-designing the products or even co-managing your innovation trajectories. To get the most benefits, use the map at various stages of the innovation process to rethink which stakeholders to engage in what way.

When to Use This Tool

When you want to analyze and (re)consider your collaboration with stakeholders.

How to Use This Tool

  • By listing all the stakeholders that are either actively involved in your innovative work or are impacted by that work.
  • Distinguishing between strategic and technical providers and the level of interaction.


Tool Categories

Areas of attention: Opening Up to the World, Areas of attention: Thinking of the Future
Place of application: CSR, Place of application: Management, Place of application: Research
Purpose of tool: Inspiration & Guidance, Purpose of tool: Stakeholder Engagement

Tool Developed By

Required Investment

  • Small
  • The mapping can take up between 0,5- 4 hours.

Expertise Needed

Expertise level required when you do it yourself

  • Novice

External support:

  • Facilitator is needed to guide you through the whole process of self-assessment

Expected Results

  • Overview of stakeholders and their roles.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders.

This can contribute to innovations that meet values and needs of society.