Spectro is Dutch manufacturer of cleaning agents for professional use. They create private label products and develop innovative cleaning concepts such as Ecodos. At their factory in Oss, The Netherlands they take care of the whole process: from product development and production to filling and labeling. Quality, CSR and expertise are unique selling points. Spectro is a family-owned company with about 50 employees and an R&D department that employs 4 people. Sustainability is central to Spectro’s corporate strategy. Increasing economic success and sustainability go hand in hand in their business model. They see themselves as a pioneer in the area of sustainability and they take responsibility towards their staff, society and the environment very seriously. At Spectro, CSR extends much further than simply to company level and finished products. They also help their customers to achieve their CSR targets.

One of the innovative products that Spectro has developed is Ecodos. Ecodos are highly concentrated ecological cleaning agents combined with efficient dosage equipment. This equipment always provides the correct dosage. This avoids overdosing and reduces costs for the customer. Ecodos dispensers do not need water or electric supply and are supplied to the customers on loan. Ecodos currently has a product line for the kitchen and for the interior. Both product lines provide at least 95% of the daily cleaning requirements. Ecodos uses icons and colour codes to make it easy and safe to use by any user. Training in sustainable, safe and healthy work is an important aspect of Ecodos. Most Ecodos products are certified with the European Ecolabel. The products are packed in bags so it can be used until the last drop, so thereby there is very little residue waste.

The pilot at Spectro will focus on a new version of Ecodos that Spectro is currently developing and which can exchange information about the use of the system, via Internet, with Spectro. In this way, Spectro can improve its service and the maintenance of the system. In the future, it might also update the Ecodos system through the internet. Collecting data about the cleaning behaviour of clients may in the long run not only help to improve service but also contribute to further product innovations that contribute to service, quality and sustainability. Exchanging information through Internet also means that security and privacy issues need to be adequately addressed. This will be a central issue in the PRISMA pilot. In addition important questions for Spectro are whether the market is ready for this development and whether clients are willing to accept this innovation.

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