BISIGODOS aims to address the production of valuable algae derived chemicals, amino acids and high added-value bio-resins starting from algae biomass fed directly with CO2 from industrial emissions (cement, steel factory, thermal power plants, etc.) as a raw material that is cost-effective and renewable. The process is assisted by solar radiation, nutrients and sea water microalgae. This approach is based on the technology developed by the Partner Biofuel Systems (BFS) to produce bio-oil.

The BISIGODOS consortium brings together a wealth of expertise and resources within the areas of: microalgae and photo-bioreactors production and optimization, manufacture of amino acids for food products, production of conductive polymer coatings, bio-resin development for water-based inks, bio-surfactants production and bio-PU adhesives manufacturing, and end-users in the food, flexible packaging, hair care, metal industry and paints products. The presence of main actors in the whole value chain demonstrates the critical mass of complimentary resources that will enable the BISIGODOS project to achieve its targeted industrial, scientific and societal breakthroughs and commercial success.

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