Laboratori Archa & Techa

Archa mission is to provide assistance, technological innovation and know-how to companies to enable them to produce while respecting human and the environment, and to work in compliance with moral and ethical principles.

Archa is today a point of reference for companies that are seeking innovation and is also a qualified partner for all the important stages of conception, research, development, start-up and industrialization of innovative projects. The company aims to respond effectively to the needs of its clients in the fields of safety, risk prevention, environmental protection, efficient production, and innovation in all areas.

Archa is structured in 3 sectors: Technical, ICT and Industrialization. The company activities concern chemical & biological analytical, research and consultancy services to enterprises, in different industrial sectors (e.g. food, waste management, paper, tannery, textiles, ICT, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and biomedical) and providing the assistance, technological innovation and know-how to companies to work in compliance with environmental, social and ethical principles.

Archa invests each year more than 10% of turnover for the development of new products and technologies and know-how to industrialise for their business.

Archa and its innovative start-up for the industrialization of products, Techa Srl, are involved in PRISMA pilot by means of the research project NANOCUBE.

The project is about the development of innovative technologies for the production of controlled-releasing nanocapsules and nanosystems, based on functional molecules for biomedical and cosmetic applications. NanoCube has been funded by Tuscany region (Regione Toscana) on the call POR FESR 2014 – 2020.





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