Evolva is a Swiss based company that produces innovative, high-value, sustainable ingredients with an emphasis on health, wellness and nutrition. They do this by using engineered yeast as a platform.

Many of the substances produced by Evolva are ingredients found in the natural world that come with supply chain issues, such as originating from a rare plant or animal. These ingredients are not available at the right quality or price in a sustainable manner. Sustainability, being one of Evolva’s core values, drives Evolva to focus on re-production of these types of ingredients by combining modern genetics with traditional brewing. By re-producing these ingredients through baker’s yeast fermentation, the better quality, lower price and improved sustainability (by not using up the already rare natural sources), more people can enjoy these ingredients and its benefits.

Evolva has always been careful to be open about their business operations as well as their effort to be responsible towards not only the customers but also the community. Evolva has been transparent about what they make, how they make it and why they make it along with engaging with stakeholders, NGOs, industry observers, the media and the general public in discussing what they do.

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