Aerialtronics is an end-to-end solution developer that utilizes drones, artificial intelligence and IoT data to provide businesses with augmented and actionable insights that create a perfect synergy between aerial applications and everyday business operations. They develop Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) for civilian commercial applications. These drone applications are disruptive technologies today that offer a wide range of services to many professionals.

Aerialtronics is a small company, only 35 employees, but has a major challenge to develop systems that could meet the requirements of a variety of industries without spreading its resources too thin between dozens of discrete designs. At the same time, Aerialtronics develops drones to be used by professionals. These professionals may encounter resistance by law or by local communities when providing their service through the use of drones. Early inclusion of the stakeholder environment in the design of drone platforms for various professional user groups may speed up the R&D activities and eventual market launch and implementation of the new drone application.


Objective of the pilot
As for the goal of the pilot project, Aerialtronics would like to develop a framework that can help the advancement of new technologies by identifying how and to what extent include various users and professionals in the technology development process in order to lower environmental impact and prevent the innovation process from possible delays. Having such a framework will help the monitoring of the role of various stakeholder groups during the stages of innovation and eventually should lead to lowering development costs and lower environmental impact.
More specific the project aims to better understand the role of stakeholder organizations in the development of the Sense and Avoid system for drones. To some extent the implementation of the new technology may require changes in existing regulation with regards to flight control of drones.
With this pilot project, we hope for stakeholders, particularly those currently against the sue of autonomous drones, to be able to understand and give feedback. We will focus on users and stakeholders such as local communities and regional authorities. To develop a framework for inclusion of stakeholders in the development of new drone technology.

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