Innovation meets Sustainability & Responsibility: The PRISMA Industrial Roadmap – Final PRISMA Event

Enabling and transformative technologies could change society, with a pervasive impact on practically all industrial sectors and our daily life. Examples include applications of nanotechnologies, synthetic biology, Internet of things, and autonomous vehicles. The complexity of both the innovation eco-system and the policy and normative conditions for these ground breaking technologies increase the need for industries to develop long term, socially attentive strategies for innovative product development.

PRISMA has developed a road-mapping methodology, to integrate values and social impacts in innovation and product development, and promote safe, trustworthy and sustainable technological progress. The methodology is the outcome of eight pilots in R&D projects of companies that are all active in the aforementioned transformative technologies. This event aims to:

  • Demonstrate how to achieve societal goals and industrial success by integrating sustainability and responsibility approaches,
  • Showcase PRISMA results and discuss the PRISMA RRI/CSR roadmap, exploring connection with experiences in the areas of standardization & certification, and quality, risk, sustainability and innovation management.

Questions to address in the event include:

  • How are innovation, responsibility and sustainability complementary?
  • How can Responsible Research and Innovation provide the tools to build trust and align technology to societal needs?
  • How to strengthen risk and innovation governance practices in companies?


  • Who should attend: Industries, industrial associations, experts in CSR, sustainability, Responsible Research and Innovation, risk governance, quality and innovation management, and other relevant stakeholder groups.
  • Location: Fondation Universitaire – Rue d’Egmont 11, 1000 Bruxelles – Belgium
  • Participation: free of charge, upon online registration (due to limited space, please make sure you receive a confirmation after your registration)
  • For more information: Maria Maia (ITAS-KIT):