RRI in industry: finding the right tools for the job

“In the sphere of industrial innovation, where time is money and resources are scare, there is a reason to believe that hurdles between hearing about RRI and doing RRI are too manu and too high” wrote Dr. Pim Klaasen, from . On his blog, posted at the RRI Tools Blog (26.07.2018), Dr. Pim describes the work developed in the PRISMA Project to change this reality.


In the PRISMA RRI Toolkit a small cumber of relatively easy-to-use tools were collected, to help innovative companies, specially those working in SMEs and on emerging technologies, to flesh-out some of the RRI’s essentials.

To provide some guidance in advance, the tools are classified as contributing to one or more of the following purposes:

  • Opening up to the world
  • Thinking of the future
  • Taking care of people and planet

These are the three areas of the PRISMA’s Responsibility Map.

Depending on the area of interest, different kinds of tools can be found in the Toolkit. Most of the tools are organizes along the three areas of the PRISMA’s Responsibility Map.