ESOF 2018: Responsible Research and Innovation in Transformative Technologies

ESOF 2018: : ‘Responsible Research and Innovation in Transformative Technologies’

Venue Location: ESOF 2018, Toulouse, France
Timeline: 13th July from 15:15-16:30


2018 07 13-ESOF 2018-Responsible research and innovation in transformative technologies

Emad Yaghmaei moderated a PRISMA Round Table Session on ‘Responsible Research & Innovation in Transformative Technologies’ at ESOF 2018. Speakers had time for an interactive discussion in this session.

This interactive round table session discussed a RRI roadmap for action and a common language to set a direction, communicate and measure impact that is understood by business, policy makers, citizens, NGOs and other societal actors. Furthermore, policies and tools that take account of relevant stakeholders and values (including moral, environmental, societal and economic ones), and ethical and regulatory standards in industry were discussed.

The Interactive Round Table Session provided:

  • How to unlock the value of RRI in transformative technologies and grasp business growth opportunities;
  • Showcase through good practices that enterprises can contribute decisively to achieve the RRI principles through new business models, technologies, innovation and education;
  • Insights into key policy and business trends & developments on the RRI;
  • Evidence on how the RRI approach can improve the innovation process and its outcomes.

List of panelists from left to right (in the picture) are as follows:

  • Philippe Galiay: Head of Sector ‘Mainstreaming Responsible Research and Innovation in Horizon 2020 and the European Research Area’ at European Commission
  • Angela Simone: stakeholder engagement professional at Fondazione Giannino Bassetti
  • Elena González: Consultant of Versia company in software development solutions
  • Melanie Smallman is a Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies and Deputy Director of the Responsible Research and Innovation hub at UCL.
  • Ibo van de Poel: Professor in Ethics and Technology and head of the Department of Values, Technology & Innovation at the Technical University Delft in the Netherlands”