TU Delft has launched two new online professional education courses

To support engineers and managers to deal with -and even get inspired by- pressing societal concerns and ethical dilemmas in their professional practice, TU Delft has launched two new online professional education courses: Design for Values and Strategic Leadership for Responsible Innovation.

These courses aim to help you deal with the many uneasy questions raised by rapidly emerging technologies. Depending on the course of your choice, you will either learn how to integrate societal and public values into the design of new technologies, products or projects; or how to lead a Responsible Innovation process within your organization.

To share or find more information about these online courses see our flyers (attached) or go to:

Design for Values (Start date: September 12, 2017)



Strategic Leadership for Responsible Innovation (Start date: October 31, 2017)



Enroll now and we hope to see you online!