The synthetic biology deliberation aid

helps you by scrutinising the potential applications of synthetic biology, identifying a broad range of risks, opportunities and perspectives. It can also be used as an engagement tool to consider how different people might perceive risks and opportunities and how you can implement these perspectives in you decision making. The earlier you consider the risks and opportunities, and different perspectives on an application of synthetic biology, the quicker you can take action to develop a more sustainable application. The deliberation aid can help you in in your considerations and decision-making to ensure the most sustainable outcome possible from your work.


- Early identification of a broad range of both risks and opportunities.

- Insight in how different groups of people perceive risks and opportunities of potential applications.

This helps to make safe and sustainable synthetic biology applications.

Expertise required

Expertise level required when you do it yourself

- Not applicable

External support:

- Facilitator can be needed to guide you through the whole process of self-assessment

- Consultant can advise and help you with the implementation

When to use

When you or a group are considering an application of synthetic biology for the first time, or are interested in different perspectives about the potential application.


A set of 14 deliberative questions helps you to explore systematically an application of synthetic biology. The considerations can serve as input for an effective dialogue between stakeholders.


  • Questionaire ~2h
  • Stakeholderdialogue 40h

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