Stakeholder engagement

can help you in 5 steps to set your ambition regarding stakeholder engagement and working towards this by defining the stakeholders, how to engage them and then act accordingly. Stakeholders can play all sorts of roles during your innovation processes. From providing information on their needs and values to co-designing the products or even co-managing your innovation trajectories. So it’s important to engage them according to what you see fit.


- A vision on stakeholder engagement.

- An elaboration of this vision into actions to engage the stakeholders each according to their specified engagement mechanism.

- Collaboration with stakeholders tailored to the mutual needs, wishes and capabilities.

This can contribute to innovations that meet values and needs of society and may influence your market share.

Expertise required

Expertise level required when you do it yourself:

- Novice

External support:

- No external support needed, you can do it yourself

When to use

  • When you want a comprehensive approach of stakeholder engagement..


  • A step-by-step approach starting from a vision on stakeholder engagement identifying relevant stakeholders (see also tool – stakeholder mapping) and suitable engagement mechanisms. Subsequently conducting the engagement itself, leading to an action plan with the gained findings, insights and agreements from the engagement


Depending on the level of ambition

Developed by

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)