The Stage-gate model ®

helps to manage the innovation process from ‘idea to launch’. The innovation process is divided in stages, of activities leading to deliverables, and gates where business evaluations are made as well as decisions to continue or stop. The gates provide set moments where economic and non-economic criteria determine subsequent innovation steps. Responsible innovation processes balances non-economic and economic criteria, as safety. From the start, the Stage-gate model® helps to place both economic and non-economic criteria at the heart of the intermittent decisions to come to a viable and safe product. Originally developed as an investment decision tool, it is applied to safe product development in nanotechnology. This approach can be easily adapted to other industries and dimensions.


- A manageable clear innovation process with specified criteria. to move along the process.

- A product that is viable from a business perspective.

Expertise required

Expertise level required when you do it yourself:

- Not applicable

External support:

- Facilitator is needed to guide you through the whole process of self-assessment

- Consultant can advise and help you with the implementation

When to use

When  you want  to structure your innovation process balancing economic  and non-economic criteria along the way.


A clear step by step process with set criteria balancing risks, benefits and costs. This is the link to the official site of Stage-Gate ® Innovation Consultants.


Large/substantial – involves incorporation in  overall innovation management process.

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Stage-gate® International