Gender strategy tool kit

A strategic approach with practical steps and tools to ensure that all employees are able to access and enjoy the same resources, rewards and opportunities regardless whether they are male or female. As an innovator, your human resources are key to your business performance. Being a responsible innovator you provide equal opportunities to your key asset (i.e., your workers) and strive towards diversity because you know that this will help you to better meet business and societal needs and values.


Improvements occur in:

- Use of talent

- Performance

- Innovation capacity, agility

- Reputation

All of which may effect market share.

Expertise required

Expertise level required when you do it yourself:

- Novice

External support:

- No external support needed, you can do it yourself.

When to use

  • When incorporating this in business strategy, linked to and supportive of business strategies and goals.


Starting with a business case for gender equality. Then measuring the initial situation (12 areas) and assessing the goals, designing actions and executing them and monitoring the results. On this website you will find the gender strategy toolkit.


  • Large:

    it involves a cultural change

Developed by

Australian Government | Workplace Gender Equality Agency