The embedded ethicist

helps you reflect on and deal with the moral aspects of your research along the road. This helps you to anticipate and deal with ethical issues in your innovative work. During the innovation process you have to make choices involving ethical issues, for instance when they touch upon health and safety of your workers, the consumers or the larger environment. Handling and anticipating such issues can benefit from a fresh perspective, that pulls you out of your routine thinking. That’s where the Embedded ethicist comes in.


- Keeping a fresh perspective on your innovation and its possible consequences for society.

- Innovations that anticipate and take societal consequences into account.

This can contribute to innovations that meet values and needs of society and may influence your market share.

Expertise required

Experise level required when you do it yourself:

- Not applicable

External support:

- Consultant can advise and help you with the implementation

When to use

  • When you would like to improve proactive thinking and challenge your standard way of thinking


  • Embedded ethicist in your research department who stimulates reflection and deliberation can help raise awareness and build capacity


12 weeks, 2 hours per week or level of ambition

Developed by

The center for Nanotechnology in Society