September 14, 2016

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Emad Yaghmaei12 July 2018ToulouseESOF conference – Engaging Line of Business Leaders into RRI
Emad Yaghmaei and Marc Steen18 June 2018StockholmISPIM conference - Promoting Responsible Innovation in the industry: framing and wording
Andrea Porcari17 May 2018RomeSETAC Conference - Piloting Responsible Research and Innovation in Industry
Andrea Porcari23 April 2018RomeSmart-map Conference - Overview of the Prisma project
Tom Sorell5 December 2017London Ethics and the Internet of Things
Ibo van de Poel10 October 2017DublinAn example of responsible innovation in industry: use of internet of things for better cleaning in hospitals
Steven Flipse & Emad Yaghmaei26 September 2017RomeRRI impact monitoring
Emad Yaghmaei06 June 2017Turin Piloting RRI in industry: A roadmap for transformative technologies
Ibo van de Poel19 May 2017Brussels Piloting RRI in industry: A roadmap for transformative technologies
Emad Yaghmaei28 March 2017OxfordWhat is the role of RRI in industry ­ how to manage responsibility in R&D
Ibo van de Poel21-22 November 2016BrusselsPRISMA presentation at RRI tools conference





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